Carson Richard Kramer

Saturday, June 11, 2011 -  12:48 PM
8 pounds, 1 ounce
20 1/4 inches
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It's a BOY! (Ultrasound - January 15th 2011)
4D ultrasound (Ultrasound - January 15th 2011)
Carson's first day and he is a Packer fan at birth (June 11th)
Catching a few winks before meeting his sisters (June 11th)
Kylie and Emmy meet their new brother (June 11th)
Grandpa and Grandma and their newest grandchild (June 11th)
My first new stuffed animal (June 11th)
Sleeping after a long first day in the world (June 11th)
With my sisters and my Grandpa and Grandma (June 13th)
Hello World
Grandpa and I (June 21st)
Hi Mommy...hi Daddy (June 24th)
My first bath....and I loved it (June 29th)
Meeting my Uncle Michael (July 6th)
Mommy & I (July 11th)
Visiting with Grandpa Kramer...OK make that sleeping on Grandpa Kramer (July 17th)
Carson's Baptism - August 21st 2011
Carson's godparents - August 21st 2011
Carson's Baptism - August 21st 2011
Carson in his blue sweater
Picking apples at Grandma and Grandpa's house - September 17th 2011
Carson and Daddy with LeRoy Butler - September 18th 2011
Playing in the leaves - October 6th 2011
Enjoying a warm fall day - October 8th 2011
Picking out pumpkins - October 15th 2011
The fall picture
Family Photo - November 2011
Kylie, Emmy & Carson - November 3rd
Six-month picture - November 4th
Opening my first Christmas presents - December 23rd 2012
I am loving this Christmas concept - January 7th 2012
Something new in the toy department
Something new in the toy department
Enjoying my first corned beef and cabbage dinner - March 2012
These eggs need to be colored before I can eat them?
Enjoying a beautiful spring day with my sisters
I am ready for the season - GO BREWERS - April 8th 2012
These Easter eggs are so cool - April 8th 2012
My first birthday cake - May 6th 2012
Riding the Badger pony on the Ella's Deli carousel in Madison - June 17th 2012
Bumming around Door County - June 2012
Riding the train at the Milwaukee County Zoo - July 2012
This zoo business can sure poop a 1-year old out - June 2012
Bay Beach in Green Bay - July 2013
Learning my Packer history - August 2013
First hair cut - August 2013
Halloween pictures - October 2012
Pictures - October 2012
Pictures - October 2012
Halloween - October 2012
Getting ready to cheer for the Badgers - December 2013
Learning all about snow - December 2012
Learning more about snow - December 2012
Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Amherst - December 2012
Christmas with Grandpa Kramer - December 2012
Opening presents - December 2012
Gift card???? What a novel concept - December 2012
Happy New Year to all - December 2012
Happy St. Patrick's Day 2013
Easter 2013 - March 31st
Two-year old pictures
Two-year old pictures
Two-year old pictures
Two-year old pictures
Two-year old pictures
Happy Birthday to me - June 11th
Striking a pose - June 30th
Mowing the lawn with Daddy - July 4th
At the Sprecher Brewery - July 6th
My three favorite things - baseball, Dad and food at the Brewer game - July 7th
at Miller Park - July 7th
Spending time at Grandma and Grandpa Toftums - July 29th
Meeting Colonel Sanders in Corbin, Kentucky - August 1st
In Tennessee on vacation - August 1st
Picking apples with Grandpa - September 15th
Enjoying the apple orchards - October 5th
Love those autumn flowers - October 5th
Fall is in the air - October 5th
Somebody loves autumn - October 5th
Enjoying the fall weather - October 5th
Carving pumpkins - October 30th
Now who would not be scared of this tiger - Halloween 2013
I wonder what is in these boxes - December 25th
I think someone is going to Disney - December 25th
With my sisters - December 2013
My family - Christmas 2013
The snow keeps getting higher and higher - February 18th
At Disney - April 14th
Having breakfast with Mickey - April 15th
Making new friends at Disney - April 16th
Future drummer? - August 16th
Found a mermaid....can we bring her home Dad? - April 18th
Mini-golf in Florida - April 19th
3-year old pictures
3-year old pictures
3-year old pictures
3-year old pictures
3-year old pictures
3-year old pictures
3-year old pictures
3-year old pictures
Birthday party - June 22nd
With Grandpa Kramer - June 22nd