Kylie's six-month pictures - November 4th
Watch out Santa - Here comes a helper - December 3rd
It was Mommy's idea to mohawk her - December 17th
Checking out Grandma's Christmas tree - December 25th
What is this? Confetti? LOVE IT - December 31st
Grandma and Grandpa come to visit
February 4th
Kylie's first Easter - April 16
How many more pictures are we taking, Daddy???
Kylie in her baptism dress - June 25th
Pondering what to do next on a summer day - July 2nd
Great-Grandpa and Kylie - July 3rd
The Kramer Family - July 3rd
Kylie catches a catnap on Grandma's lawn - July 3rd
Kylie listening to the wise advice of her father - July 30th
Kylie starting to wonder about Daddy's "advice" - July 31st
Kylie learns about eating with silverware - August 20th
Kylie and Daddy in the radio booth - August 26th
With her Grandma Joy at Lake Poygan - September 4th
Grandpa Rich telling her some tall fishing tales - September 4th
Kylie loves playing in the leaves - October 20th
Kylie rarin' to go in her pink shoes - October 22nd
Kylie and her pumpkin in the front yard - October 28th
Mommy, does Daddy have the car ready? HURRY - October 30th
Kylie's six-month pictures - November 4th
Click on each picture to read the captions or start the gallery
Welcome to the world, Kylie Elizabeth
Hi, Mommy, I can smile already ! ! !
Daddy and I at the Memorial Day events in Ripon - May 30th
Checking out Daddy's potato patch - June 19th
Enjoying a break on Father's Day - June 19th
Happy Father's Day, Daddy - June 19th
Kylie tried on her new sun bonnet - June 22nd
Kylie's Godparents - Julie and Michael - June 25th
Kylie Elizabeth Kramer

Wednesday, May 4, 2005
3:53 PM
9 lbs. 8 oz - 20 inches

Kylie (middle of bottow row) graces a Agnesian Healthcare billboard
Kylie's first birthday cake
May 6
Something I can smash and eat - COOL
Four generations of the Kramers
Kylie kicks off the summer with a splash - May 28
One year old - Life Is Art Photography
One year old - Life Is Art Photography
One year old - Life Is Art Photography
You know, Mommy, I would like to go to a Brewer game and a zoo....
Kylie at her first Brewer game
June 18th
Two youngsters - a baby giraffe and Kylie
Reading my favorite book - The Bunny Book - August 27
Watching Daddy and Bob in the press box - September 1
Playing in the leaves in our front yard - October 8
Well, what do we have here? These look like fun
Here, Daddy, let me show you how it is done
Trick or Treat....Trick or Treat...I am ready
Snow, looks like ice cream, but doesn't taste like it - February 24
Doing some driving on a spring day - March 23
Spring rocks, yeah OK, nap time after a hard day - March 23
Easter 2007 - Coloring eggs with Mommy
Hey, it is my second birthday - May 4
It's summertime - and that means SWIMMING
Climbing rocks at Grandma and Grandpa's - July 14
Picking raspberries - and she knows what ripe means
Isn't she an All-American little girl??
The family at Ripon's Cookie Daze - August 5
So many pumpkins to carve, so little time
Ready to trick-or-treat - October 28
A Hungry Hippo is about to let loose - December 23
Reading to Grandma and Grandpa's cat - November 16
A pretty Christmas dress - December 25
Coloring Easter eggs with Mommy and Daddy - March 18
Wearing my Easter best at Grandma's - March 23
Somebody is having a birthday party - April 12
Digging for worms, my new favorite pet
Kylie meeting her new sister - April 21
I think I am going to like being a BIG sister
Now, Grandpa, let's review the rules of being a big sister, again....
Kylie's 3-year old pictures - May 4
Kylie's 3-year old pictures - May 4
Kylie's 3-year old pictures - May 4
Kylie and Emmy
Kylie's birthday at the Paine Art Center, Oshkosh - May 4
Showing off my day care shirt - June 4
Splashing the day around at Grandpa and Grandma's - June 9
Posing pretty on the backyard bench - June 15
Looking patriotic with Emmy - July 5
Making cookies with Mommy is fun and tasty - July 9
Waving to the crowd while riding in the Riponfest 2008 parade - July 11
Smiling and looking so grown up - July 26
Ready to go cruisin' down Harvey Street - August 16
Hiding in the trumpet vine with Daddy - August 16
Taking a break after a hard day at Day Care - September 2
Practicing her cheerleading for the Tigers - September 5
Reading in the front yard - September 6
Posing pretty for the camera at Septemberfest in downtown Ripon - September 20
Peeking out from behind the straw bales at Septemberfest - September 20
This is the KYLIE ASTER - September 26
Someone is looking VERY grown-up - October 12
Kylie and Emily - October 10
Fishing at Grandpa Kramers - November 2
Kylie & Grandpa Kramer - November 29th
Kylie and Emmy's pictures - November 13
Kylie and Emmy's pictures - November 13
Kylie and Emmy's pictures - November 13
Kylie has her own mermaid - December 25
The girls love Christmas
Our little angels in front of the Christmas tree
Getting ready for Saint Patrick's day and some corned beef
Spring pictures - March 27
Spring pictures - March 27
Ready to make some pretty eggs - April 4
Playing with my Magna Doodle - April 7
Two Easter angels - April 7
My first creation with Lite Bright....a car! - April 19
My new princess pajamas for my birthday - May 4
4-year old pictures
4-year old pictures
4-year old pictures
Sniffing the blossoms - May 12
Taking my fishing pole and heading to Grandpa Kramer's - May 30
First cast - first fish - May 30
Waiting for the big one to bite
Attempt number one to bowl a 300 game - June 6
SUMMER VACATION 2009 - Watching the Brewers in Cincinnati
SUMMER VACATION 2009 - Feeding the horses in Kentucky
SUMMER VACATION 2009 - Waiting to ride a horse
SUMMER VACATION 2009 - Kylie's first horse ride
SUMMER VACATION 2009 - Up close with my first lobster at the Crab Shack
SUMMER VACATION 2009 - Hanging out at the beach
SUMMER VACATION 2009 - So this is what bumper cars are like?
SUMMER VACATION 2009 - Hunting for seashells
SUMMER VACATION 2009 - Digging a sand castle
SUMMER VACATION 2009 - Putting for par in Myrtle Beach
My first day of school - September 1
Playing my Play-Dough - September 4
Going to dance class - September 25
Going to dance class - September 25
Looking for a pumpkin - October 3
Daddy, Mommy - I found the fun stuff
Getting ready to go trick-or-treating with Emmy
Visiting my Great-Grandma Kramer - December 2009
Our Christmas Picture - 2009
Getting ready to kick off the New Decade with Mom
Cuddling with Aunt Chrissy's dog - January 2nd
At the Bucks game - January 30th
Smelling the flowers Daddy gave Mommy - February 14th
Swimming at a waterpark in Prairie du Chien - February 18th
Enjoying a glass of GREEN 7-UP on Saint Patrick's Day - March 17th
Coloring Easter Eggs - April 3rd
Easter 2010 - April 4th
Easter 2010 - April 4th
Five-year old pictures
Five-year old pictures
Five-year old pictures
Five-year old pictures
Five-year old pictures
Sisters at their birthday party
Someone was a GOOD girl, and got their Leapster
Kylie's first scooter
My dance recital, performing "Babyface" - May 2nd
Flowers for the dancing diva - May 2nd
One proud little dancer - May 2nd
Graduating from 4-year old Kindergarten
Saying goodbye to my teacher, Mrs. Friday
Outside with Mommy on my graduation day
Kylie lost her first tooth! - June 16th
In Mammoth Cave with Mommy - July 8
In front of our Hotel on Emerald Isle - July 10
In front of the lighthouse at Cape Lookout
On the shore on Cape Lookout
Collecting seashells at Cape Lookout
Hello to the Atlantic Ocean
Standing by the Wilbur Wright statue in Kitty Hawk, NC
Mini-golfing in Virginia Beach
A little late day dip at Virginia Beach
Sailing on Norfolk Bay - July 12 2010
Driving the ship around Norfolk Bay
Below deck on our ship in Norfolk Bay - July 2010
At Monticello - July 14 2010
At the Indiana Sand Dunes - July 15 2010
With Daddy and Emmy at the Indiana Dunes - July 15 2010
Looking for the fastball on the outside corner at Miller Park - July 28th
Waiting for the first pitch with Mommy - July 28th
The Brewers' biggest 5-year old fan - July 28th
Boating on the Mississippi River - August 22nd
Off to my first day of kindergarten - September 1st
My new teacher - Mrs. Breuer - September 1st
Hanging out in the Pumpkin Patch - October 2nd
Gourds everywhere at the orchard - October 2nd
At Pike's Peak overlooking the Mississippi River - Octoebr 30th 2010
Dr. Kylie Kramer, M.D., willing to make a house call for candy - October 31st
Informing Mr. Claus of her Christmas wishes - December 4th 2010
The 2010 Christmas photo - December 4th 2010
My new Pillow Pet - December 25th 2011
With our cousins Berit and Lily - December 25th 2010
Hanging out with Mike Wolfe from the American Pickers TV show in LeClaire,IA - April 9th 2011
Soaking in the knowledge at the Herbert Hoover Museum and Library in West Branch, IA - April 9th 2011
Coloring Easter eggs with Emmy
A special 6th birthday party - April 23rd
Enjoying a swin with my cousin, Thomas - April 23rd
At Royal Ridges in Ripon enjoying Easter brunch - April 24th
My kindergarten picture
At the Young Author's Conference in La Crosse - May 7th
Mommy and Daddy take us to the Madison Zoo - May 14th
My 2011 Dance Recital - June 4th
My 2011 Ballet Official Photo
Helping to wash my baby brother's hair in the hospital -June 11th 2011
I think someone loves their little brother - June 13th 2011
Blowing bubbles in Grandma Toftum's flower gardens - July 8th 2011
Having a blast at Oktoberfest - October 15th 2011
The children's Autumn picture
Enjoying a nice fall day - October 23rd 2011
Someone really gets into carving the pumpkins - October 30th 2011
Kylie, Emmy & Carson - November 3rd
Snow White ready to go trick-or-treating - October 31st 2011
New glasses - November 4th 2011
Kylie gets her Barbie Dollhouse - Christmas 2011
Next stop - the major leagues July 11th 2011
Playing with Emily & Carson in the backyard - July 11, 2011
Trying to catch some fish at Grandpa Kramer's house - July 17th 2011
First day as a First Grader - September 1st 2011
Picking apples at Grandma and Grandpa's - September 17th 2011
Picking out our pumpkins - October 1st 2011
Playing in the leaves - October 6th 2011
Playing in the leaves - October 6th 2011
Dressed up for St. Patrick's Day
Enjoying a fine dinner of corned beef, cabbage, Irish red potatoes and green Sprite :)
Coloring eggs for Easter - April 7th 2012
Kylie's Easter Dress - April 8th 2012
Kylie's birthday party at Timber Lanes - April 28th 2012
Opening presents - April 28th 2012
The birthday party poses - April 28th 2012
My 7-year old pictures
My 7-year old pictures
My 7-year old pictures
Kylie and the "group" birthday cake - May 6th 2012
Ready for another soccer season - May 15th 2012
Kylie and her dance recital - June 2nd 2012
Catching a fish off Grandpa Rich's dock - June 16th 2012
Swimming in Lake Poygan - June 16th 2012
Driving Grandpa Rich's boat - June 16th 2012
Riding the carousel at Ella's Deli in Madison - June 17th 2012
Cruising around the driveway with Carson - June 2012
At the Milwaukee County Zoo - July 2012
At the Milwaukee County Zoo - July 2012
Swimming at the hotel pool on vacation - July 2012
Learning my Packer history in Green Bay - July 2012
Shopping for mums to brighten up the fall landscaping - October 2012
Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma's House in Amherst - December 2012
Opening presents at Grandma and Grandpa Kramer's house - December 2012
Christmas memories with Cousin Lily - December 2012
Christmas in Amherst - December 2012
Opening Christmas presents at home - December 2012
St. Patricks' Day with Mom - March 2013
Daddy caught a leprechaun - March 2013
The Easter Bunny stopped by - April 2013
My Easter dress - April 2013
The Kramer family - Easter 2013
8-years old!
8-years old!
8-years old!
First Communion
First Communion with Mom
First Communion with my Godparents
Dance Recital
Getting her kicks in soccer!
Softball season is in full swing - June 17th
Ready to swing for the fences - June 17th
June 30th
Enjoying Independence Day - July 4th
at Miller Park - July 7th
in Kentucky on vacation - August 1st
In Tennessee on vacation - August 1st
First Day of Third Grade - August 22nd
The sweetest bee on Halloween - October 31st
Merry Christmas - December 21st
Somebody is going to Disney in the spring - December 25th
Kylie and her siblings - Christmas 2013
My family - Christmas 2013
Happy New Years 2014
Happy St. Patrick's Day 2014
At Epcot Center - April 14th
Breakfast with some new friends - April 15th
Hanging out with Goofy and Pluto - April 16th
Meeting Cinderella - April 18th
More princesses - April 18th
Playing some mini-golf in Florida - April 19th
9-year old pictures
9-year old pictures
9-year old pictures
9-year old pictures
Happy Birthday to me - May 4th
Dance recital - May 31st
Dance recital with Grandma and Grandpa Toftum - May 31st
Dance recital with Grandma and Grandpa Kramer - May 31st
Softball season - July 16th
Softball season - July 17th
My trophy from the Wauzeka Tournament where I scored the winning run in the championship game - the second year in a row my team brought home the trophy - July 20th